Stargazing Season Stargaze in the North Pennines – it’s Dark Sky Friendly. Here in the North Pennines AONB we have some of England’s darkest skies; there are low levels of light pollution making it one of the best places in the country for stargazing. Autumn, Winter and Spring offer the best times to stargaze and […]

Bright Days Looking forward to a long season of walking in Alston and the North Pennines. 2019 has been kind so far making it possible to enjoy the Lake District and the Northumberland National Park with bright winter walking days. This month has been particularly sunny and the far reaching views have been beautiful. We’re […]

Greenest Spring Spring in the North Pennines this year seems to be very much greener than usual. Perhaps it just seems that way because we’ve waited a long time for it. In the garden plants seem to be very keen on growing and there hasn’t been the usual reluctance in the vegetable garden in particular. […]

Monochrome March Well, it’s been snowing for three days now in a serious and beautiful kind of way. This is the first time there has been more than 30cms of fallen snow in the town during the last 20 years. Since it will be for a short time only we are enjoying the slow pace of […]