Regular guests will be familiar with our Sunrise System range of lifestyle products. We invented, designed and manufacture the Sunrise System dawn simulators which have been selling worldwide now for almost two decades. Our best selling Sunrise System 320 LED dawn simulator can be found in bedrooms for visitors to enjoy ’waking up gently with light’ If you can’t do that on holiday we don’t know when you can. Also you may enjoy using the latest light box in the range – the Sunrise System 300 i-Lite for brightening cloudier days and boosting your light levels throughout the winter.

Here is some product information and a link to our Sunrise System website

The Sunrise System 320 is a dual purpose product enabling you to wake up naturally with light with a programmable dawn simulator and use a controllable 10,000 Lux LED light box during the day. A low energy product it’s suitable for use in most countries. Available in silver.

The Sunrise System 300 I-Lite is a simple contemporary light box for year round use to brighten your day when light levels are low. As we increasingly become aware of the importance of Circadian Rhythms to our minds and bodies this is an easy way to benefit from more light when indoors. Available in UK and US models in gloss white and black.

If you wish to purchase a product after trying during a visit just email us for
a discount.

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