Monochrome March

Rustic Cumbrian gate

Well, it’s been snowing for three days now in a serious and beautiful kind of way. This is the first time there has been more than 30cms of fallen snow in the town during the last 20 years. Since it will be for a short time only we are enjoying the slow pace of life; few people are about, no cars, just occasional tractors. Alston comes into its own at these times since it is self contained with everything within walking distance. Working from a barn that has been here since 1792 or thereabouts it is easy to imagine winter life in past decades. Snow ploughs were less efficient, cars were (also) rarely seen and central heating was a fantasy. Rural communities then were so much tougher and perhaps had a better appreciation of the important things in life. It is good to have the internet but once the wood stove is lit, a good book (or a copy of The Idler) and a glass of sherry make a pleasant interlude from technology. And the more it snows, Tiddley Pom…


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